Social Media 2.0 What SEO Professionals Need to Know

SEO Professionals – Digital Agents

The Internet is like a vast playing field with numerous players as well as games to play. Some win, while some lose. Some fight to win, while some ‘plan’ fights to win.  This playground gives you myriad opportunities to be the best player in town. It already has some major ‘ivy league’ players hustling to win the largest share. The scary part begins for the new players as to how they will survive? There is a solution though – Sports Agents.

In the world of internet, the sports agents are the SEO Professionals. They help these new players reach the top. These SEO professionals make a note of their potential, and try their best to showcase that to the world. You might have seen sports agents making calls and arranging meetings to arrange press conferences and other such events for players to shine. They know all the tricks of the trade when it comes to becoming the best on the field as far as the Internet is concerned.

SEO Professionals can Benefit to a Large Extent with Social Media 2.0

Where Does Social Media 2.0 Come In?

Social media is good. In fact, it is great. It lets you join an entire community or network of diverse individuals absolutely for free. That’s right! It is a free platform for showcasing yourself, your products, your thoughts, your experiences, etc. But sadly, social media isn’t that powerful in getting blogs or other types of content that SEO professionals pledge by, for reaching the top of the SERPs. Search engines don’t really crawl on these platforms, and hence, no matter how authentic my blogs may be, they will still be ignored from the perspective of SEO to a large extent if published on social media platforms. ( For this, a simple but previously unheard of solution is Social Media 2.0.

An unsaid concord that exists amongst SEO professionals is that they would know that when you are new to the online world, it is difficult and almost impossible to get featured on the first page as your content is just not strong enough to be noticed by Google. Proper website and content optimization requires following specific regulations that are defined by search engines. However, with the increased freedom that comes with social media platforms, the type of content and subsequently the ways in which a brand represents itself to its audience are diverse and varied.

The Need to Improve SEO with the help of Social Media Content

At the same time, the increased freedom comes at a definite price. Social media platforms ‘own’ your content. You get only limited access to showcase your content when it comes to networking platforms. Facebook owns a right to show only those posts that they want the world to see. Hence, you start looking for a different platform to publish your work, which will make it difficult to keep a track of your posts after you have shared about 5000 ideas on various social media platforms already.

So here is what you do. You post your contents on the Social Media 2.0 platform that allows integration of all social posts on your website. That way, you get to see all your posts at one place at the same time in just about three clicks, whether the posts are on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Each social media post on your website gets it own your URL. So, the next time when you search for your posts on Google, the search results will directly take users to this specific URL on your website, consolidating your digital presence as well as strategies at one place.