The birth of Social Media 2.0

Consolidating Digital Content

Evolution isn’t an opinion, it is a FACT! Anticipating changes keeps us all wanting to work towards a better tomorrow. With the advent of Facebook in 2004, the Social Media gained importance like never before. Suddenly every business wanted to have a Facebook page & promote their products online. Soon it was followed by other social media portals gaining popularity & the digital space was booming with businesses promoting themselves on these ever-evolving platforms, all over again.

Social media not only bridges the gap between marketers & prospects, but it also transforms how businesses interact with their audiences! Studies suggest that more than 85% of audiences prefer to read online reviews from social media platforms before purchasing a product thus helping enhance the Search engine optimization of a product.???

What about the back-up of the data that you’ve uploaded on these sites? Or how can you also find a way to show what you have posted on your social sites also come up on your website? Imagine this scenario – You update your social media handles once every day, suggesting that there are atleast 365 posts done per year. Now multiply this with the number of years since your brand is active on that particular Social Media platform. Now how cool would it be for you to be able to consolidate all those posts at a single location and also adding value to your search engine rankings? Mind blown?!

CompuBrain brings to you Social Media 2.0. A holistic medium which has all your Social Media posts consolidated at a single searchable location. . Not only does Social Media 2.0 assists you in backing up your valuable social media data, but also helps you scale your SEO game.

Social Media 2.0 is exactly the answer to “What’s next” in the digital space!

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