The Social Media 2.0 effect


Humans crave variety. With the advent of Social Media, the internet is abuzz with new content daily! Along with the quality of content posted, how it is posted matters the most. The method of content publishing has a direct impact on the engagement it derives and the digital marketer is often juggling between direct content postings vs. link postings.

Link posts help generate trackable traffic on the website making your site more valuable & improving your SEO rankings.. Often information rich brands like Mashable prefer this technique of social media postings. However this restricts their reach & response on the social media sites as people are less likely to open the link & be re-directed to another browser. However, it takes no points in guessing that image-rich content is incredibly shareable & likeable! Photo posts receive an approximate of 80% more clicks than text & link posts. But then this does not drive traffic to your website and does not help with your SEO rankings either.

Also, have you ever imagined a scenario where Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram decided to close business or were not that popular anymore? What about all the data that you published on these websites all these years?

Would it not be great if you had a process that helped you keep your well-flourishing social media strategy intact, but at the same time, also helped you consolidate and back-up all your content on your website and added weight to your search engine rankings? Right?! We thought so too..

We bring to you Social Media 2.0: a holistic approach towards publishing content on digital platform.

Social Media 2.0 helps you consolidate all your social data on one single URL without having to jump from one app to another. What’s even better is that all this content is now searchable and helps you take your social presence to the next level.

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