Attention Content Marketers! Are you 2.0 ready?


CompuBrain thinks you’ve missed something really important as a strategy all these years.

While your brand’s Facebook page, Instagram account, and Twitter handle are doing exceptionally well, you missed doing something really important throughout the process. We know search engines don’t crawl through your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram posts and even if they do, they don’t have enough strength to rule the first page on search results.

CompuBrain, an India based Social Media research firm has discovered a whole new approach to digital publishing. Social Media 2.0 as they call it, is a powerful engine that helps you consolidate all your digital content from across platforms and curate them at one single location calling it The Social Media URL (

What is important to note is that the posts that you published across social media platforms, which were previously not helping you come up on search engine sites are now downloaded and hosted as individual pages to a server that is hosted for your domain name.

You now have the power to allow search engines to crawl through your Social Media URL. You will not only then have your social media publications backed up from the date that you started your Digital Marketing, but you are also publishing it online as a ready reckoner both for your users and search engines
Imagine that in the last 5 years or so you created and published 1,000 posts, 2,000 tweets, and over 1,500 Instagram pictures, you are eventually adding 4,500 new pages to your website. You can filter and search too, something that has always been ambiguous with popular social media platforms.

CompuBrain is currently offering this service through its website where it will not only create your Social Media URL, but also publish iOS and Android apps that will host all your social media content across platforms from the time you started your social media journey.

And an even better news is that all of this is done in less than 2 hours.

So why wait? It is time to be independent of all Social Media Platforms to host your content whilst all these should be available on your website first.
Make the most of your hard work that you’ve done all these years.

CompuBrain calls it Social Media 2.0

Be 2.0 ready!

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