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Social Media Consolidation

As marketer and Social Media Experts, have we ever thought of Social Media Consolidation as a part of our Digital Strategy? In my 10 years of running a Digital Marketing Agency and working with numerous clients, I have often had this dilemma. One big question that always had me wondering was how great it would be to have a process that helped you keep your well-flourishing Digital Strategy intact, but at the same time, also helped Social Media Consolidation on your website and add weight to your Search Engine rankings? And this was one question that did not have a solution that I could customize for my needs, which lead to the development of Social Media 2.0

Social Media 2.0 is the holistic approach to Digital Content publishing. While we marketers, often have the best strategy for the Social Media accounts of our clients, what we missed was making these Social Media posts go that extra mile. We know Search Engines don’t crawl through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram posts and even if they do, they don’t have enough strength to rule the first page on search results. As a result, we at CompuBrain, came up with a whole new approach to digital publishing, calling it Social Media 2.0. Your Digital Content should be on your own website first, with that principle, we programmed an engine that helps you with Social Media Consolidation from across platforms and curate them at one single location i.e your own website, calling it Social Media URL. Once you setup your Social Media URL, all your future post shall be synchronized automatically from across platforms. Not only that, but now with this consolidation of content, you have the power to allow search engines to crawl through your Social Media URL as well as have your Social Media publications backed up from the date you started your Digital Marketing.

Imagine that in the last 5 years or so you have created and published 1,000 posts, 2,000 tweets, and over 1,500 Instagram pictures, you are eventually adding 4,500 new pages to your website. You can filter and search too, something that has always been ambiguous with popular social media platforms.

Social Media 2.0 is exactly the answer to “What’s next” in the digital space!
What else does Social Media 2.0 offer? Well, keep reading while I write on what if prominent Social Media Platforms were to close business or not remain popular anymore.
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The author of this blog Bijoy Patel, is the founder of CompuBrain, the principal company of Social Media 2.0.

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