What if Facebook/Instagram was to close business or not remain popular?

Social Media Backup

Have you Digital Marketers; ever imagined a scenario where popular Social Media accounts become redundant or even extinct? What about your Social Media Backup? I am not saying that this is happening, but what if this was to happen? What happens to your data that you published on these platforms all these years? Remember Orkut, Hi5, MySpace and your lost content and the beautiful testimonials that you received from your friends? What happens to your Facebook and Instagram Campaigns if this platforms do not remain popular anymore? Is that the end of it all? I was not ready to accept that as my fate or the fate of clients that CompuBrain manages. Hence, Social Media 2.0 was born, which is a holistic approach towards Digital Publishing.
Social Media 2.0 helps in consolidating all your digital data on one single location on your website that we call Social Media URL. Along with this, it publishes the Social Media Backup on your website and at the same time adds weight to your Search Engine rankings. It is also important to note that the posts that you published across Social Media Platforms, which were previously not helping you come up on Search Engines, are now downloaded and hosted as individual pages on your own website. Imagine that in the last 5 years or so you have created and published 1,000 Facebook posts, 2,000 Tweets, and over 1,500 Instagram pictures. With Social Media 2.0, you are eventually adding 4,500 new pages to your website. You can filter and search too, something that has always been ambiguous with popular social media platforms.

Social Media 2.0 is exactly the answer to “What’s next” in the Digital Space!

What else does Social Media 2.0 offer? Well, keep reading while I write on Digital Advocacy using Social Media 2.0.
Until then, you can reach out to us to start a conversation or learn more at https://compubrain.com/social/

The author of this blog is Bijoy Patel, the founder of CompuBrain, the principal company of Social Media 2.0.

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