Staying Informed about the policies of Social Media is as important as Using it.

When enjoying social media services, it is equally important to know its privacy policies. When you are misled even the slightest, your entire user experience along with any future establishment in the social space is inevitably hampered. The live example is what seems like the forever trending topic, the Privacy Policies of WhatsApp & Facebook. Over the course of last month, WhatsApp has been prompting & imposing its users to the change in their privacy policy which would determine whether users will be able to use WhatsApp after Feb 8 2021. So naturally, users from almost the entire world backed by celebrities started losing their minds. The news has been trending for a while now and people have started to self-endorse the Privacy-Focused alternatives, Signal & Telegram.

Not to blame the mass, but Facebook has acquired a sort of negative image when it comes to its privacy policies due its past practices. The whole WhatsApp vs Telegram vs Signal trend started when users began to misinterpret the Updated the terms of the policy from WhatsApp. It became so dire, that downloads of Telegram & Signal in India has surged with 4 million downloads whereas WhatsApp downloads fell about by about 35% when dropped from 2 million to 1.3 million. Users thought that WhatsApp would share the personal and private date about individual profile with its parent company Facebook. But recently, WhatsApp has come forward with a statement to clear the misconception stating that nor WhatsApp nor Facebook can view individual messages, media, call records, groups, or contacts.

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