Take Control over the Mobile Users with a Dynamic & Responsive Site

Mobile Friendly Website Design Ahmedabad

A Responsive & Dynamic Website Design is no longer an add-on for a site. It is a necessity. It is one of the most important qualities of a great website. Statistically, the Global Web Traffic on Mobile Phones has surged drastically over the last decade. It went from being 3.81% in October 2010 to 48.62 % in October 2020 (Source: https://www.oberlo.in). That is nearly half the website traffic. When there is such a heavy inflow from mobile users, a website unready for mobile platforms will hamper the image of your company. To save your company from facing such a situation, your company website must have 4 things design wise. It must be Mobile-Friendly & Tablet-Friendly; it must have an adapted and tweaked look from the desktop module; it must not compromise with the functionality; and at the same time must be user-friendly.

At CompuBrain, we have just the right solution to satiate the requirement of your website. Our Website Designing experts build the site in HTML 5 with a Responsive & Dynamic Design. HTML 5 will give your site the ability to automatically update the content throughout all the platforms, i.e. Mobile, Desktop, & Tablet. Along with your website being ready for all screens, our design experts will ensure that your site is responsive. It means that the creative assets, all important content, and touch points within your website will dynamically adjust and reposition to create an optimal experience regardless of the device it is viewed on.

CompuBrain is a certified and trusted website designing company, headquartered in Ahmedabad with a pan India presence. We focus on great designs and 100% customer satisfaction. With professionals specialized in building custom websites, CompuBrain is amongst the most trusted website designing company in Ahmedabad.