Social Media Marketing: Celebrating your brand with all the customers at one place.

Social Media Marketing Ahmedabad

“In a world where people are practically spending their entire day on the internet, social media is no longer the subset of the internet. It is the internet itself.”

Currently, your presence in the social space i.e. on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. is basically how an individual is looking at your brand. It has become the standard to judge the quality of your projects and get an insight of your company profile. Social Media is the Free & Powerful platform, an impeccable opportunity to elevate your brand and help it reach unprecedented heights. Every day, increasing number of brands are launching their products online. It was a trend seen more in 2020 than ever before, and for right reasons.

In 2020, more than half of the world population at 3.81 billion was using social media, where an average individual had about 8.6 social media accounts. (Source:

Just to put it into perspective, that is an audience of 3.81 billion people. When you launch your product on social media today, you no longer launch it for the local customers like in the past. You are launching it to 3.81 billion people. When you have such a wide audience ready to scroll through your page, not using social media to market your brand is just bad math.

While such a wide-span audience and reach seems very lucrative, it is a huge responsibility on your part to choose the right marketing agency to help sell your product. It is your responsibility to choose the agency with enough experience to properly know the ins and outs of the digital market and the unique behavior of the online patrons. The kind inherited by CompuBrain in over 13 years.

CompuBrain is a globally-identified social media marketing agency based in Ahmedabad. We are known for more than just theory. We hold great expertise in developing pragmatic strategies that drive high performance. In our 13 years of social media marketing, we have successfully handled over 150 social media accounts of Real Estate Companies, Mainstream Restaurant Chains, Movie Promotions, Politicians, Gyms, Educational Institutions, Actors, Dieticians, Entertainers, Hospitals, HR Agencies, & many more.