Idea Policy


Idea Policy (Unsolicted Suggestions Statement)
[Last Updated on 23/01/2017 at 16:12:03]

We don’t believe or consider any type of unsolicited suggestions, ideas including but not limited to advertising, marketing, promotions, technology upgrades and product upgrades (“submissions”). You clearly agree and acknowledge that you shall not submit any of aforesaid to us. In case you do so then you agree and acknowledge that it shall be governed by following terms:

  1.  Your submitted submissions shall become our property from IPR and every other perspectives;
  2. Your submissions shall not be eligible for any types of compensation, confidentiality restrictions, redistribution restrictions and every other types of restriction and
  3. You shall not insist us to evaluate your submissions

Further, if you provide any type of feedback then you agree and acknowledge that we shall use the same as per above 3 conditions.